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About New Sporting

Alex Sport, is the name with which this empire of knowledge begins by the late Emma Velázquez Alvarez, who at 20 years of age, working for Mr. Alberto Reyes, creator and owner of Cleto Reyes, who taught him to work as seamstress for her factory, over the years she started this business together with her husband José Fuentes Alonso, their 9 children and 20 employees who started in the world of synthetic products and sometimes leather products, and so on until she reached one of her grandchildren José Daniel Fuentes and his wife Yuselin Amador, who at the age of 20 start New Sporting professional genuine leather boxing items, with the sole purpose of paying for their studies, over time this business grows to a great extent reaching multiple countries from all over the world, New Sporting today is a workshop that has around 12 people who work together to create high-end products, being one of the first workshops in Mexico to manufacture wholesale di various world-known brands besides yours.



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